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Examine the photo and clues below to pinpoint this location. Choose right and you could win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.

CAN’T MAKE IT to outer space? No problem. Grab your space-walking gear and get ready to explore acres of lava-scorched terrain, transporting you to the cosmos with one glimpse. 

Although this state is better known for its production of a starchy vegetable than its volcanic landscape, visitors discover three vast lava fields that remain blackened after volcanic explosions more than 2,000 years ago.

Aerial views reveal a long fissure in this park — a rift that brought volcanoes to life and still remains visible to visitors on foot.

During today’s hike along a jagged trail, I clamber over and around rocky debris to summit a now-dormant cinder cone. From my spot on this elevated lookout, the tubelike waves of hardened basalt lava appear to stretch as far as my eyes can see. 

The charred ground is the last place you’d expect to find life, yet scrubby brush emerges with hues of green and yellow. Chipmunks, marmots and pika love to hide in the crannies of this high-desert land. 

Ready for liftoff? But first, Where Am I?

Photograph by Daniela A. Nievergelt


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Where Am I? Contest -- Rise From the Ashes

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