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Examine the photo and clues below to pinpoint this location. Choose right and you could win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.

with each step. Winding along a wide and rocky trail, hikers apply the rules of the road to the busy pathway. Stick to the right; pass on the left. You’d think one could leave these rules behind in the wilderness. 

Not here. At least, not in the spring busy season. Only two hours north of one of the biggest cities in the South, this hiking spot is a popular destination for city- and country-dwellers alike. 

The summit of this mountain offers hazy views of the rolling terrain waving off into the direction of the Atlantic. The hard granite surface makes a good tabletop for a picnic, and trilling brown thrashers perch nearby to catch any crumbs.   

During lunch, a hiker walks into the opening from the north. Shaggy and bleary-eyed — as if he’s been hiking for months — he stoops at a small bronze plaque on the ground, giving the marker a kiss. Even more peculiar: Another hiker repeats the scene.

Puzzled, I must ask for your help. Where are these hikers coming from and why the celebration? Tell me, Where Am I? – Gretchen Sparling

Photograph by Tim Archer


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Where Am I? Contest -- Blazing Trails

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