Where Am I? -- A Moo-ving View

Examine the photo and clues below to pinpoint this location. Choose right and you could win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.

I'M I’M HIKING UP a giant cow patty. At least that’s what it looks like from afar — a miles-wide brown dome spreads across the flat horizon, as if dropped from above. But this patty comes without odor and brings some of the best views you can find in this desert-like area.

Starting the trek before dawn, we hike in brushy undergrowth — dodging several cacti — before our feet hit the granite trail that climbs skyward for less than a half mile. Why start early? Let’s just say hiking on a dark-brown rock can get toasty — especially in this sunny southern state. Put in the work before daybreak, and you can enjoy a beautiful 360-degree view of the sunrise over serene countryside.

The trail quickly reaches the rock’s summit, and we sit for a breakfast picnic and settle in for the morning show. Frogs and insects in a nearby pool of water sing in harmony, providing a natural soundtrack. Want to join? Well, then, WHERE AM I?Gretchen Sparling

Photograph by Ed Schipul


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Where Am I? -- A Moo-ving View

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