Where Am I?
Examine the photo and clues below to pinpoint this location. Choose right and you could win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.

Envision one small sand particle and multiply that by billions. Then, consider vicelike compression and sand hardened to rock. Factor in a river that carved away at nature’s handiwork. The final result? A web of colorful sandstone formations, ridges, and wide-bellied gorges chiseled thousands of years ago.

Earth knew what she was doing when she etched out this destination: an archway taller than 100 feet. It’s home to a bird’s-eye view of luscious green forest canopy below. The arch has a sibling, a smaller formation that connects to its north side and creates an “M” in golden-hued sand.

To get here, I hiked deep into a remote park (spanning a state line) and climbed a series of wooden walkways to summit the wide archway. The effort yields a sight of emerald-leafed pine, oak, and chestnut trees.

Look closely and you might even spot rare lichens or a thorny berry bush growing in the arches’ shallow soil. Find a comfortable perch and sit for a while.

What took Earth years to create is a view to enjoy for hours. Join me! But first: Where Am I?


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Photograph by Chuck Sutherland

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Where Am I?

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