Where Am I? — King of the Mountain

Examine the photo and clues below to pinpoint this location. Choose right and you could win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.

Not a bad view, eh? Watching a late-summer sunset from this spot is an excellent way to end the weekend. That is, if I forget about the fact that my arms feel like a pair of limp noodles. 

This heavenly seat is suitable for royalty—which is, I suppose, why it’s not easy to reach. Visitors must first scale a 75-foot rock face. And, admittedly, I’m no expert when it comes to rock climbing. Yet this wall abounds with a variety of routes suitable for first-timers or Cliffhanger-esque pros.

My top-roped ascent up one of the wall’s jagged cracks supplied plenty of nooks and knobs for me to use while navigating skyward. Challenging? Yes. But the strenuous climb is worth this regal view. And bragging rights, too!

The marred sandstone—flecked with copper- and jade-colored lichens—hints at the geography of this central state, which is ribbed with flat-topped mountains like the ones visible in the distance.

Secluded, picturesque, and magestic—this rock makes a lavish retreat for any crag-hound, whether you’re a climbing king or an Average Joe. 

Care to join? First, Where Am I?


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Where Am I? — King of the Mountain

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