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Examine the photo and clues below to pinpoint this location. Choose right and you could win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.

ULTRAVIOLET RAYS bubble on top of this wide, black surface, and the hazy air hums—as if the island gods are simmering a pot of soup. Blowing on the roiling broth, the wind picks up and dries the sweat off my neck.

Most of my experiences in this tropical paradise provide a wide, panoramic view. But today I’m zooming in on a cultural hotspot that symbolizes the earliest roots of this American locale. Look close in the photograph to see swirls, dots, and other shapes that have stood up to the test of time—not to mention the elements. 

Several-thousand markings are chiseled into the flat areas of this dried landscape—a surface that was once liquid-hot sludge. New life emerges in the form of patchy mounds of grasses thanks to the common clouds and rainshowers on this southern segment of the island. 

The etchings—which convey the lifestyles of people who lived here as early as A.D. 1200—curl into shapes reflecting the setting: turtlelike triangles, circular fish, boat hulls, and stick-figure people.

Want to take a closer look? Don’t forget your sunscreen. Where Am I? 


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Where Am I? : Read the Fine Print

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