Where Am I? — Mountain Mirage?

Examine the photo and clues below to pinpoint this location. Choose right and you could win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.

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WITH EACH STEP my feet sink into caramel sand. My calves scream, pleading with me to take a rest break. And I’m only 10 minutes into my hike.

By the time I reach the top of the 700-foot-tall dune, my heart pounds to the beat of a dance club mix—thud, thud, thud. A strange mirage appears on the horizon: snow-capped mountains. I must have sand in my eyes … yet I can see where the grainy dunes turn to rock, hardening into towering mountains.

It’s no hallucination. The wind shaped this expansive dune field eons ago. 

Besides soaking in the mountaineous views, I’m off to wade in one of the snowmelt rivers cutting along the edge of this grand sandbox. Next? Maybe another hike up a dune—this time sledding down!    
Sound like fun? I’d love some company. First: WHERE AM I?


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Where Am I? -- Mountain Mirage?

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