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WITH THE FLICK of my wrist, turning the rudder, the sailboat’s bow changes direction and tacks to port. The jib sail fills first—helping the wind grab and pull the boat’s nose—and with a loud flap, flap, flap, woosh! wind fills the mainsail and our speed resumes.

Executing a well-timed tack will thrill even the most seasoned sailor. But from where I sit, the day’s steady cruising isn’t the only thing giving me pause.    

Lush green hills—and a distant snow-topped peak—rise out of a patchwork of small islands, framing a steel-blue expanse. 

These relatively calm waters, protected behind a 300-mile-long island, act as a playground for more than just sailors. Kayakers, anglers, hikers, and even wildlife observers head to this area to explore.

Spotting an empty inlet on the nearest island—named after one of the world’s largest mammals—I decide it’s lunchtime: fresh, local crab sliders. Want a bite? I’d be glad to share. But you’ll have to tell me: WHERE AM I?


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Where Am I? -- Point of Sail

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